Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Playtest 2

Had a great playtest draft a few nights ago. MikeP recruited buddies Luke and Jared to draft the second printing of the set with us.

Jared hadn't played Magic in a while, but got back up to speed pretty fast because he trounced me with a white enchantment-based creature lockdown (Advanced Logistics, Righteous Indignation). It was a scene I'd never really encountered before in a draft deck, which is great! (The fact that he constantly had Wallopin' Websnappers out with Resonate didn't help me much...) We found that Advanced Logistics was overpowered, and it has been changed to this.

I don't remember anything about Luke and Mike's decks, which tells me that I need to become more formalized about tracking the cards people are using, how they feel about them, etc. I think I'll put together a set checklist and print it for each player. Similar to the one you get at a tournament for recording your sealed deck contents. They can check off the cards they select in the draft, rate their initial impression (power level, cool factor), then re-rate them after a few games. Also track their win/loss performance with the resulting deck.

I do know that MikeP brought pain to Luke with Ritual Chanter.

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