Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Set Review Checklist

As mentioned in last post, I need to be more formal about measuring the power level and quality of individual cards. Coming out of a 4-player draft, I couldn't remember the precise cards each player had in their deck; nor which cards they'd left in the sideboard; and had no clue whether everything was relatively balanced other than the occasional cry of "Not another 7/7 flying demon token!!!"

So here's a checklist I'm going to print up for the next draft. I wrote a Word macro that pulls each cardname out of a database and sticks them - one cardname per row - into this checklist. Then, after players draft and build their decks, I'll get everybody to whip through their stacks of cards and fill this out.

The columns are:
Drafted? Answer "Y" if you drafted this card; leave blank otherwise.
Deck? If you drafted the card, did you include it in your deck? Leave blank if not.
Cool - A rating of 1 to 5 as to how cool the card is (whatever that means to the individual player.) 1 = "What a pile of tripe, I'd rather open One With Nothing in a draft!!!" while 5 = "Sweet! I wish Wizards of the Coast would make cards this good!!!"
Power - A rating of 1 to 5 as to how powerful the card seems; how much you'd like to open it first pick of the draft. This is not as important as the next rating.
Power (After Games) - A rating of 1 to 5 as to how powerful the card actually was during the draft. This isn't a perfect measure, because a good card might not be useful in a given context. But it's a rough idea of whether the playtester's opinion of a given card matches my own.
Comments - Just a place for the tester to leave any remarks about the card. Hopefully these are more constructive than "This sucks" and "This rules"....Although there isn't an awful lot of room to write...

I haven't figured out what to do with all the resulting data yet. Probably I'll manually enter the feedback into a database, then crunch numbers such as "how many cards have cool = 1?".

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