Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Theme, or lack thereof

So despite the debacle of the last playtest (organizationally speaking), the guys had fun and generated a ton of useful feedback.

One thing that was interesting to me is that (despite my claiming to have solved this problem) there still were nowhere near enough cards at common to allow players to really use the different themes at work in the set...

So I did some counting...

Cards that generate Tokens
Common: 5/115
Uncommon: 15/85
Rare: 11/65

Cards that punish Tokens
Common: 8/115
Uncommon: 6/85
Rare: 6/65


So, 4% of my commons generate tokens (the 2nd most important "mechanic" in the set), and yet I walked into the playtest thinking the idea was well-represented!!!

Suffice to say, I'm about to count up the other themes as well, and have some major work to do before print #4...


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