Sunday, March 4, 2007

First official (sort of) project complete

I've submitted my first ever prototype. The project was the World Bank's "Street Addressing Initiative" contest, check it out here.

I'm very happy with the submission, but if I don't win it will be for one of these 2 reasons:
1) Final product would be too expensive: I included a billion counters and tokens, along with 2 decks of cards, so I may have priced myself out of the market...Or,
2) Too "Euro-style" of an approach: If they wanted Snakes & Ladders, they didn't get it (at least not from me.) If they wanted something more like a simplified Settlers of Catan, which actually packed in a good lesson about why street addressing is necessary, then I came through for them.

Regardless, I like the "game engine" (and more importantly, so do the playtesters!) so I'm going to re-theme it over to something more interesting. I'm in the early stages of that now and will keep you posted ("you" being the hypothetical fans/players I am hoping to interact with someday, who are passionate enough to read all the way back to today's blog entry...By the way, thanks!!!)

Johnny Go-Time

PS: I've gotten into online Diplomacy with my buddies over at What a fantastic indy project!!!

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