Sunday, March 4, 2007

Quick overview of WB submission

Here's a very quick overview of my submission to the World Bank. At right, you can see a game in progress.

In this example, there are 4 neighborhoods in a city.

Each neighborhood is controlled by a different player (indicated by the purple, yellow, grey, and red "improvement" tokens.)

The little squares with stick-figures are tokens which represent the build-up of traffic in the neighborhoods. A 'hood with more traffic is harder for citizens to use and navigate through.

To eliminate traffic from a neighborhood, you can implement a street addressing improvement there. To do so, you order your team of workers (or addressing unit, represented by the grey player's "men at work" token) to the neighborhood. They implement the next stage of the street addressing program there (which is also indicated by the "improvement" tokens.) The purple and grey players haven't made any improvements to their neighborhoods. The yellow and red players, meanwhile, have actually implemented different parts of the addressing program (yellow has printed maps of the neighborhood; red has put addresses onto every building in the neighborhood.)

That's all I'll get into right now...I'll explain a few more concepts as time goes by, so that I can explain how I'm adapting this concept into other projects with more marketable themes...


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